Teacher Information System - Proforma, User Manual, Instructions

Rc. No. 73/ IT-Cell/2016,                                                                Dated: 20/04/2016

Sub:- School Education -  Creation  of Teacher Data Base-updation of teacher data base by the individual concerned -  orders issued -  Reg.

Ref:- This office  procs even No.  dt  30-04-2016


The  attention    of   the   Regional  Joint   Directors  of   School   Education  and  District Educational Officers  in  the  state  is invited  to  the  reference  above,   It  is observed that  the teacher  data  entered  in  UDISE  - 2015-16 has lot  of  discrepancies in  terms  of  Treasury   ID, Category of  the  Post,  Mobile  No etc.,   it  is decided to  updation  of cadre strength  regarding Medium wise  category wise  posts  sanctioned and working with details of teachers was provided to the field  level and it  was completed  with  the confirmation  of  District  Educational Officers concerned. Based on this a Teacher Information System module was developed and  a demo on updation of teacher data base was given during District Educational Officers  conference on 04-05-2016 at Guntur.  Suggestions  received on the occasion are further  worked on.

Further,   they are informed  that  this will  be the final  data which can be used in future i.e.   for  transfers/rationalisation    etc.   They  further   informed  that  the  Teacher  Information System module for  updation  of  teacher  data  base   is moved into  live   on cse website  i.e      under  Teacher  Corner.   The    District   Educational  Officers  in  the  state  are requested to issue necessary instructions  to all the Teachers/Headmasters/Mandal  Educational Officers/Deputy    Educational  Officers   to   update  teachers   information    by  the   individual concerned and complete the process on or before 31-05-2016 without  fail.

All the Regional Joint Director of School Education  and the District  Educational Officers in the state are requested to monitor  the  updation of teacher  data base and take necessary action to complete the process on or before 31-05-2016 without  fail


  1. Please keep your Mobile Phone – we will send you OTP to this number
  1. We have mapped all your mobile phones with your treasury id. If the mobile number you enter is not matching our database, no OTP will be sent.
  2. In such cases if you are a primary school teacher, please contact your MEO for OTP, and if you are an Upper Primary School or High School teacher please contact your DyEO.
  3. Photo (soft copy) for uploading
  1. If married – your spouse details.
  1. If spouse is a Government Employee all details of which government department he/she is working
  2. If a Government Teacher – his/her Treasury ID
  1. All Educational Qualifications – listed in a document
  1. All details of Departmental Tests passed
  1. All Details of Transfers
  1. All Details of Promotions
  1. Details of Family members to be included in Health Card

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Proforma    &     Instructions      &    User Manual

Teachers Data Base Website     &    Rc.73 Dt.20.04.2016


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