DEO WG Wrote Letter to DSE for Clarifications on 4 Type of issues (Transfers)

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In obedience to the instructions in the reference 1st cited I request to issue clarifications on the following items

SlnoAs per GuidelinesClarification required

As per 2nd point of the Guidelines

The cut off date for all the Purposes is to be taken as 31.08.2015 as per GO.Ms No.66, Edn., Dated 02.09.2015

The data of the 1st class students and newly joined students OF are not other classes uploaded in Adhar seeding. As such the 1st class children and newly enrolled children are not shown in the child- info for the year 2015-16

Hence request to clarify which date to be consider for this purpose.


As per the guidelines in 1 of 04

The Rationalization exercise for Upper Primary and High schools shall not be taken up during this year.

It is noticed that the Teachers working Primary sections of UP Schools is more than as per there need. At the same time some of the Upper primary schools are having more enrollments with insufficient teachers.

Shall we take up Rationalization in Primary sections of UP Schools where more teachers with less enrollment in the District.

3The Teachers who were given Transfer orders in the year 2013 and who are not relieved for want of substitute all such teachers may be relieved

Some of the teachers are requested to stay in there old station when there is a need in the working school.

The request of the teaches may be considered or they are relieved by force if need is noticed

4Where there are Multiple Primary schools consolidated as one Model Primary school

If one Primary school having 04 Teachers and another is having 03 Teachers now one school is identified as a Model Primary school as per norms 05 Teachers are sufficient 02 Teachers are identified as surplus.

In this case who has to shifted under Rationalization whether juniors of merged schools or junior of tagged schools by taking all schools a single unit by their seniority, or their services may be utilized as Cluster Academic Coordinator support to MEO/DYEO/DEO/DIET/SSA/etc. as per 1(g) in GoMsNo 50 Education .(SER.II) Dept dated 07.08.2015.

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